Man Savagely Beaten After Police Officer Party

She says she dialed anyway, and on a 911 recording she can be heard telling an operator that a mob claiming to be police officers was "going through our stuff right now. They're claiming we stole their wallets and we did not."

Savage Beating

Harris said he was then pulled from the truck by two men uttering racial slurs. He said one of them sliced his cheek before he broke free and ran.

Jude said he was also pulled out, even as he repeatedly protested he had done nothing wrong. The mob began to beat him, Brown said. She said the group was "just punching and kicking this guy, just constantly yelling and screaming, 'Where's my badge, where's my badge?"

Jude said he begged them to stop. Brown said there were some people standing on the side, laughing. Then they ripped Jude's pants, Brown said, and the mob demanded to know where Harris went.

"They opened my legs and, you know, threatened me, and you know, 'N----r, where's the n----r at? Where's the n----r piece of sh--?'" Jude said.

Antonissen described a gruesome scene: "I could actually see blood shooting up in the air. Frank's whole head was covered in blood. It was just a big, huge red mess."

'Stay Off the Phone'

Ten minutes after the beating began, a squad car pulled up, and Jude recalled thinking, "Okay, thank God."

But then Jude was handcuffed, and still the beating continued, he says. The responding officer has said he was told that Jude was resisting arrest.

Someone in the mob then noticed Antonissen on her cell phone, she says. On 911 tapes, she's heard telling the operator, "He's stealing the phone from me … they're twisting my arm," and in the background a male voice: "Stay off the phone."

Twenty more minutes passed until Jude was taken from the scene, Antonissen said -- not in an ambulance, but in a police wagon. It took him to the hospital.

No Charges Filed

Doctors treated Jude, but he says he refused to say what happened until the police left. When they did, he said he told them what happened, and they took photos of his injuries.

Meanwhile, the mob had forgotten about Antonissen. She and Brown visited the hospital the following day looking for Jude.

"As soon as I walked into the room and saw him laying there, I broke down," Antonissen said. She said she felt guilty for taking him to the party in the first place.

"Had we not gone there, this never would have happened," she said. "It was definitely an eye opener for me, to not go around people you don't know, regardless of who they are or their standing in the community."

The official police report on the incident blames Jude for "physically fight(ing) with ... off-duty officers" who were "attempting to restrain him until uniformed squads arrived."

Both Jude and Harris -- who was picked up later -- were held on suspicion of theft of a police badge. But no charges were ever filed against them.

To Break the Blue Wall

Within days of the incident, Spengler, the host of the party, and three other police officers were suspended from the force. But the criminal probe stalled.

Jude was unable to identify any of his alleged attackers. The women said they could pick out only a couple of people and couldn't be sure if they were the ones hitting Jude.

As a result, investigators had to rely on the help of more than a dozen cops who were at the scene. Three months passed without any charges filed. The investigation hit a "blue wall of silence."

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