Flirting Boyfriend: What Would You Do, Take Two

Relationship coach Donna Barnes thought that was a good idea.

"She actually did great in that she was engaging with the waitress herself," Barnes said, "and making her acknowledge her presence and that she was there as well. It's funny that she's now putting pictures of herself on this woman's cell phone and that they're a package, they come together. That's like, 'Yeah, remember he's mine. You know, you can have his picture, but I'm here, too.'"

By now, Victoria had had enough and told Daniel she was going to blow. "If I see her again, I may strangle her," she said.

It was time to tell Victoria she'd been had -- for the second time. John Quinones turned the corner with his camera crew and descended on the couple.

"Remember me?" he asked. "Oh, my God," Victoria screamed. "Oh, my God!"

Victoria said she was about to strangle Daniel. She could not believe she was fooled again. We asked her if Ambre made her jealous.

"Of course I was jealous!" she said. "Come on! I mean, it's not like she was ugly or anything. She's beautiful! So I was sitting there like, 'Oh my God, what the hell is going on here? Are you on a date with me, or with her?' Like, switch!"

Victoria said she thought Daniel should have cut off the conversation. But in his own defense, Daniel said the shoe had been on the other foot plenty of times. "I got her here, you know what I mean? And I'm gonna pay for it later," Daniel said.

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