Husband Arrested in Murder of First Wife

Then they suffered another blow: in December Abaroa was caught stealing from the sports apparel company where they both worked. Mortified, Janet resigned from her job, but did not give up on her husband. He would eventually plead guilty to five charges of embezzlement, but would avoid serving any jail time.

911 Call: 'My Wife Is Dead'

On April 26, 2005, Janet was doing the laundry and Abaroa was working in the house before he left to play soccer with friends, according to his account of that night. He said he returned home at around 10:45 p.m. to a horrifying discovery --his wife had been killed, stabbed in the chest and neck.

In a 911 call, Abaroa told the operator, "My wife is dead ... She's been shot or something -- there's blood everywhere," he said. "She's not breathing."

Investigators examined the body and realized the weapon they were looking for was a knife.

Abaroa Starts New Life Out West

Shortly after his wife's death, Abaroa moved to Salt Lake City with their son. There he eventually met Vanessa Pond, a beautiful single mother whose daughter was in the same day care program as Kaiden.

Vanessa Pond told ABC News about her first impressions of Raven Abaroa. "He seemed very up front ... very honest and genuine. And I found that he was a single father. And I really, really admired that."

Pond also said that as they were starting to date, Abaroa mentioned to her that his wife had died and she felt "so sorry for him ... and Kaiden," and she decided to take them into her home.

Sisters Reach Out to New Wife: 'We Were Fearful for Her'

But Pond began researching Janet's murder on the Internet. She told ABC News that she wasn't convinced that Abaroa was innocent. "So I went over and I spoke with him, asked him the questions that I had. And he removed any and every doubt from my mind," she said.

In the summer of 2008, they had a beautiful wedding in the backyard of Pond's parents' home.

When Janet's sisters learned that Abaroa had remarried, they say they felt the duty to reach out to his new wife. Janet's sister, Dena Kendall, told ABC News, "We just wanted her to make sure she was aware of the things that had been in the news about him. That she would know what she was getting into. And that we were fearful for her."

Pond says she became frightened as she began to see her husband behave in ways she couldn't understand. "Within moments ... he could switch. He could say the most horrible things," Pond said.

Pond and Abaroa separated because of what she termed his "abusive behavior," and she went public last summer with her fears that he might somehow have been involved in the death of his first wife, a suspicion shared by some of Janet's relatives and friends.

Abaroa, now 30, has strongly denied any responsibility for Janet Abaroa's death.

Before the Sept. 2, "Primetime" investigation, we tried speaking to Abaroa, who initially agreed to an interview but then changed his mind. So ABC News went to Salt Lake City to ask him again, but he was not available. Instead, his mother and stepfather answered the door and told us they've advised him against making any statements on the case and claiming that Janet's sisters are out to get him. Abaroa also denies Vanessa's charges of abuse.

If you have information about what happened to Janet Abaroa, please contact the Durham Police Department at (919) 560-4601, and visit Janet's family's website.

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