Doubts About Dedicated Stepfather Mount in 'Runaway' Case

"Probably the biggest thing that stood out was that Michael Turney had this absolute need for control and dominance of his stepdaughter," he told ABC News. "[The document] was essentially a behavioral contract on steroids that was making myriad tasks on the part of Michael Turney of an adolescent girl that were, in my opinion, wholly -- many of which were wholly inappropriate."

Coincidence or Connection? Case Under Investigation

Investigators say Turney exhibited bizarre signs of paranoia and hostility, alleging corruption and conspiracy in law enforcement and hinting that a local union had kidnapped Alissa.

"Based on the original information that I reviewed, it was clear that Michael Turney was not someone that played well with others," Pitt told ABC News. "This is a man who made statements that made other people feel uncomfortable."

And when detectives went to the Turney home looking for the video surveillance from the day Alissa went missing, they say, they found things they never expected.

Inside the house, the investigators found bondage-related pornographic videos, as well as a disturbing film in which a woman was abducted, bound and killed.

Turney said the videos were no reason to suggest that he's responsible for his stepdaughter's disappearance, which he denies.

He says that he returned home the day she disappeared to discover a note from her and then began to look for her. He got a call from her a week later, he says, which would have been the last known contact.

Even after eight years, friends and family say Alissa's disappearance is still a painful and open chapter in their lives.

Turney denies that he harmed Alissa in any way or had anything to do with her disappearance. Alissa's younger sister, Sarah, and stepbrother, Mike, say their father isn't capable of harming his children. They describe him as a good father, who was dedicated to his family.

The Phoenix Police Department is still actively investigating the case and considers Turney to be an "investigative lead."

"The circumstantial case is strong, and it's growing," Andersen said. "There is no one bright spotlight on Michael Turney ... but I have a tremendous number of stars, little bits of information that are illuminating the landscape."

If you have information that might help solve the mystery of what happened to Alissa Turney, please contact the Phoenix Police Department on their Web site, or by phone 1-480-WITNESS, 1-480-948-6377.

Click here to read ABC News' full interview with Michael Turney.

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