Mind Games: Dangerous Obsession Leads to Horrific Kidnapping

From his jail cell, Ming insisted he had left Jason Wilkman in a field, alive. Then, in exchange for a lesser murder charge, he led authorities to where he said he let Jason run away.

Investigators found Jason's body in the woods. His skull had apparently been struck with a blunt object.

Ming was charged with the kidnapping of Mary and Beth Stauffer and the murder of Jason Wilkman. He faced two trials.

Chaos in the Courtroom

At the first of two trials, Mary went to court to face her abductor. She took the witness stand. Federal prosecutor Tom Berg said he'd never forget what happened next.

"I turned around, and here [Ming] had gotten out of his chair at the defense table, and right in front of the jury was coming up to get at Mrs. Stauffer," said Berg. "And instinct kind of took over, I grabbed him and blocked his path up there."

Ming was wrestled to the ground. Later he was convicted of kidnapping.

But Mary would not emerge unscathed from the second trial, for the murder of Jason Wilkman.

"Ming was really, really angry by the time he got to that second trial," said Brown, the criminal profiler. "This woman, Mary, she had the indecency to escape from him. Ruined his fantasies and get him caught."

Once again, Ming lunged for Mary as she testified. But this time, amazingly, no one could stop him. And this time he had a knife.

"He jumped up from the defense table, flew across the courtroom and held a knife to her throat," said Biernat, the author.

Incredibly, Ming had smuggled a knife into the courtroom.

"The knife must have been very sharp, because I didn't feel the pain," said Mary. "I felt the skin separate, and the blood began to flow. ... And the cut came from down in the center of my chin up to the side of my mouth, and then out into my cheek."

Mary required 62 stitches.

Ming was convicted of the murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Ming Shiue Today: Eligibility for Parole Nears

For three decades, Ming has been locked away, long forgotten by most. But recently, Ming's name has resurfaced in Minnesota. He's now eligible for parole. His lawyers say he's done his time.

Paul Reitman, the psychologist who has analyzed Ming, is skeptical.

"I'd be concerned about that," Reitman said. "We don't know that his mind -- he might feel that he spent 30 years in prison because she lied. We don't know that. And that's why he has to be scrutinized in intensive psychological treatment, as well as sex offender treatment."

Mary said she thought Ming is still dangerous.

"We'll never forget his words to us," Mary said. "He said, 'Even if I get caught and put in prison for 25 years, don't think I'm going to forget about you. When I get out, I'll go after you, and if you're dead, I'll go after your kids.'"

With that threat in mind, just last month Mary and Beth were back in court for a commitment trial to block Ming Shiue's release. Since Ming never received psychological treatment behind bars, county officials argue that he remains a sexual predator and should next be sent to a locked psychiatric facility. But Ming, who apologized in open court, argued through his lawyers that he was no longer a danger, that he was almost 60 years old, in poor health and had been a model prisoner.

A decision on Shiue's parole could come any day.

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