Banderas: I'm No Latin Lover

Now 45, she was until last year Revlon's icon of aging defiantly. "Now I'm too old for 'Defy It!,'" she laughs. "I mean, now I'm like f--- it."

She is famously outspoken, talking frankly about her plastic surgery and telling interviewers she had to get her breasts "back where they were before my baby."

But Banderas says he doesn't mind her outspokenness. "I love it, actually. I like that aspect of Melanie. I enjoy that very much."

Griffith's addiction problems made headline again two years ago as she battled an addiction to prescription drug Nocor, a very powerful form of codeine.

Griffith says her addiction to painkillers rocked their marriage, but she says her husband held on. "He's always been extremely supportive of me in situations where other people might have run away," she said.

She remembers one specific night when she was unable to sleep because she was not taking the drug. "He would just hold me, and nothing was said but it was like, I knew at that point that this couldn't go on because I had to get the pills or I couldn't get to function."

Banderas admits there were frustrations — and that he would have left Griffith if she did not manage to beat the addiction. But she did beat it, checking herself into rehab and staying there until she was well.

These days Griffith says she lives for her husband and children. The couple have been married for six years, and have a 6-year-old daughter, Stella.

With ups and downs like any other family, they say they enjoy their life.

"Life is life," said Banderas. "Life is good, it's bad and it's many things, but we love it. And we don't want to get away from it. We want to live. Life is life."

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