Fame and Infamy Surround Anna Nicole Smith

But according to Marshall's nurse, Betty Morgan, after the two were married, Smith was only interested in one thing when it came to her new husband: his money.

"He would be trying to make her understand that he couldn't get his hands on that kind of money," said Morgan. "That he might be worth the money, but he didn't have cash lying around … and I could hear her screaming and telling him he had to send her the money."

What Smith didn't know, was that Marshall's entire fortune was tied up in a trust controlled by the tycoon's buttoned-down son, E. Pierce Marshall, who never approved of his father's taste in women.

When Smith and Marshall were married, one of Marshall's lawyers who also did work for his son, immediately proposed steps to protect the family money. In a confidential memo entitled "post-nuptial fine tuning," the lawyer advised finding a way to leave "less for mischief or Miss Cleavage."

Smith fired back, filing court papers accusing Pierce Marshall of meddling in her affairs.

But the real shock for Smith came at the reading of her late husband's will. Her lover of five years, and husband of one year, had left her nothing -- a far cry from the half of his fortune she claims he had promised.

"He always said I could have half," Smith said in a previous interview.

Strong Allegations

Pierce Marshall's attorney, Rusty Hardin, says Smith's claims are a fabrication.

Hardin says he firmly believes Marshall, though he provided for her during his life, had absolutely no intention of leaving her anything after his passing.

"She wanted to get as much from him as she could, and when he died she then came up with this idea that he had promised her half," said Hardin.

But Smith's aunt begs to differ.

"What I heard in many conversations -- and he said it many times -- was that he wanted her to be taken care of and have the things that she never had," claimed Tabers.

The two sides were so at odds that within weeks of Marshall's death, Pierce Marshall and Smith literally sued each other over the tycoon's ashes. A judge actually divided his remains and the two held separate funerals.

But as bad as that was, it got worse. Pierce Marshall's lawyers prepared to present evidence the marriage was a sham, marked by greed.

'The Anna and Rusty Show'

Smith was now spending almost all of her time in California and even though her money pipeline was shut down, her lavish spending continued.

After 14 months of marriage to an oil tycoon and more than $6 million in gifts, Smith was broke. She filed for bankruptcy in California federal court, telling the judge her heartbreaking tale -- claiming her stepson, Pierce Marshall, had blocked her from her getting her share of her husband's wealth.

The judge agreed, but her victory was short-lived. Pierce Marshall appealed the federal decision and returned to Texas to try settle the matter there once and for all.

Throughout Houston it quickly became known as the "Anna and Rusty Show" thanks to a heated six-day cross-examination by Pierce Marshall's attorney. When he asked her on the stand if she'd been taking new acting lessons, she responded, "Screw you, Rusty."

But one juror says what troubled her was Smith's apparent willingness to play the "dumb blonde."

"So she goes, 'Well, I'll play the part,'" the juror said. "'Then I can lie and get away with it, you know, because I'm just dumb.'"

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