PrimeTime: The Real Ben Affleck

Affleck speaks affectionately about Paltrow, asserting he is grateful for her persistence in working with him on the project. “She’s a very generous,very caring, empathetic person… [and] would go a long way out of her way for people that she cared about.” He tells Sawyer their breakup came out of “different senses of what was OK… what would work and what constituted compromise,” and admits it will be hard to see her committed to someone else. Still, he says, they remain good friends.

Dot Coming Along with his passion for movies, Affleck’s growing interest in politics recently led him to campaign with Vice President Al Gore. The other project taking a lot of his time and enthusiasm is an online venture he’s developing with Damon and a couple of other partners. Their Internet company, LivePlanet, will provide original entertainment content on the Web.

As he expands his artistic range with challenging roles, and delves into the business world, it might seem like Affleck is chewing off more than he can handle. Still, the actor is surprisingly pragmatic about what he does and why he does it. “I don’t want to be terrible at something,” he says. “I am drawn to things that I think I have an aptitude for.”

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