Inside a Maximum Security Women's Prison

During her stay, Sawyer received a cake from Gretchen Heath, who was serving a 12-year sentence for cocaine trafficking.

The cake was in an X-rated shape -- and Heath told Sawyer it was something that if she were a real inmate, she'd probably miss the most. When the assistant warden saw it, she asked, "Is that cake a dog bone?"

Another inmate showed Sawyer another bit of prison ingenuity. Prisoners have been known to fashion cigarette lighters and weapons from what they have at hand.

Patrice Young, serving a 10-year sentence for armed assault, showed Sawyer how to make a homemade sex toy from available materials.

First Families

In addition to sex, inmates at Metro have also re-created family support and obligations. Prison families take on roles. Some are fathers, mothers and daughters.

Patrice's prison "mom" said she got her position because people "look up to me because I listen to them and try to get some good advice."

Patrice considers herself the woman's daughter, and says it wasn't until she was in prison that she found the first family she ever really had.

"I never met my real mom, so it just feels good for her to even be there for me," she told Sawyer. "I've been locked up since I was 16 and it just feels good for somebody to be there for me."

In one part of the prison, women sometimes become mothers too. Prisoners sometimes arrive pregnant and give birth before their sentences are up.

The prison has a model program to help inmates create bonds with their children. They see them twice a month.

Preparing for the Future

And for the day that inmates rejoin the real world, the prison also runs the equivalent of a small school.

There are classes in anger management, dog training, cosmetology and computers. Inmates can also get their high school equivalency degrees too.

"The only thing I used to do on a computer was play solitaire," said one inmate. "Now I know how to do a résumé, a cover letter, a thank you letter ... When you leave prison, you already have strikes against you, but if you leave with a skill, you feel like you can conquer."

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