Ethical Dilemmas: What Should You Do?

"Primetime" used hidden cameras to examine how people react when faced with ethical dilemmas or sticky situations. We asked you to send us your questions about ethics or etiquette and received hundreds of responses. Carrie Keating, a psychology professor at Colgate University, answers some of them here.

Donna from Canada asked, "How should I handle friends or strangers taking food from buffets and putting it in their purse? I have also been in the company of friends who walk out with pasteries wrapped in a servette from a buffet…for that matter, people who take anything from a restaraunt they're not suppose to. I find this very embarrassing."

Keating: Habits like these are hard to break! Here are two things you could do:

1. Tell your friends that the behavior embarrasses you. 2. Think about why this behavior embarrasses you. Do you see it as dishonest? If so, you may want to discuss this to your friends. In the case of strangers, you may want to talk to the manager and report what you saw.

Pete asked, "So what do you do when you know someone is cheating on their significant other even if they do not do it in public?

Keating: It sounds like you are friends with the person you believe is doing the cheating. If so, your concern about that person's decision-making could be expressed. Take the friend aside and express your concern to that person alone. There is a lot you may be assuming about the person's relationship that may or may not be true. If the relationship between the pair is broken, your friend should step up and fix it -- if it is to be maintained.

Thomas from Memphis wrote, "I have a three year old daughter that is generally well-behaved. But there are those instances when she can be a little terror!! When we go out in public, she will throw a mega-tantrum to get her way. I have tried everything to get her to stop. I've tried ignoring it, saying no, removing her from the situation and event spanking…nothing works. I dread taking her into stores and when I do I avoid the areas that tend to spark the tantrum (toys, candy, holiday display, etc.). With all of that I still get the yelling, screaming, crying, whinning and the falling to the floor screaming and kicking.

I get the looks, stares and the unwanted advise on how to deal with my daughter. One well-meaning person suggested that I try caffeine and get her tested for ADHD.What can I do to counteract this? I'm not embarrassed, just afraid in this day and time I will end up in jail or be visited by child welfare for child abuse and neglect."

Keating: I take it from your description that your little girl behaves this way mostly when she is in public, and usually when she sees something she wants (a toy, candy, etc.). Sounds like she is using the public forum to manipulate the situation -- and it works well for her.

If we assume that she likes to be out in public with you (that she is not simply trying to get you to take her home) then this might work:

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