The Fall of the 'Barbie Bandits'

"[The bank teller] started throwing it out and it was like going everywhere. So I was pushing it. Ashley was grabbing it, putting it, throwing it in the bag. … We were so scared. My heart was like, I think it stopped at one point and I looked over, we looked at each other, and we just started runnin' again," Johnston said.

Caught in the Act

After the theft, the two left the bank and separated their piles of cash on the floor of their apartment. Johnston explained that they would have to share their new fortune with Miller's boyfriend and the bank teller. At the end, each person involved in the heist received a few thousand dollars.

The pair immediately began talking about how they would spend their cash.

Johnston said, "[We went] straight to the mall [to get] whatever we wanted."

Apparently what they wanted were highlights, an event once again caught on surveillance video at one of Atlanta's priciest hair salons. As the young women were getting their hair done, detectives in Georgia were getting tips — the biggest in the form of surveillance photos from Bank of America.

Hundreds of calls came in to the Cobb County Police Department, coupled with media coverage splashing the bank photos across TV sets throughout the country, and detectives were soon on Johnston and Miller's trail. Two days after the heist, they were surrounded by police officers while in their car. The party was over.

At that point, Johnston said, "I just knew we were going to be in a lot of trouble."

Johnston and Miller were arrested, arraigned and jailed. Miller, who declined to talk to "Primetime," faces charges not only for the bank heist but for drug possession as well. Johnston spent a month in jail before her parents bailed her out.

For Johnston's parents, the whole ordeal has been a nightmare. Lisa Johnston remembers her daughter's call from the police station.

"I've thought as a mother, 'What did I do wrong?'"

Heather Johnston is now at home and says she wants a second shot at college. Collegiate dreams will have to hold off for now — Johnston is awaiting trial and knows that prison time may be in her future.

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