The Multiple Identities -- and Crimes -- of Jeffrey Marsalis

"So he came to my apartment, um, and we got the Chinese, we started watching the movie, I opened a bottle of wine. Um, and I remember kissing him in my kitchen after having had ... I think probably about the entire bottle of wine between the two of us. And that's the last thing that I remember before ... And the next morning I just woke up not feeling very well.

"I could physically feel that [sexual intercourse] had happened, but I didn't remember a moment of it."

Rovell found it strange that she'd blacked out from a relatively small amount of alcohol. But the next morning, she said, Marsalis acted like everything was fine.

"Oh, what a great night we had last night. How fantastic it was," she recalled him saying. "What a great experience it had been.

In early 2005, Rovell contacted police and began the process of getting a restraining order against Marsalis.

"I, I just frankly hit rock bottom and I, and I lost it one night. And I said, 'That's it. I am done. I can't do this anymore.'"

But just as she thought she was going to get him out of her life, a girlfriend called.

"I got a phone call saying, 'You might want to call the Philadelphia Special Victims Unit, um, I think they need to talk to you,'" Rovell said.

It turned out that plenty of other women had strange stories of their own to tell about Jeffrey Marsalis. And now they had begun sharing them with police.

Pattern of Behavior

Marsalis had told Rovell he was out of town on CIA missions. He was really on a mission of a different sort -- to meet women online. Many of them.

Police said he used an online profile to meet women whom he would take out, drug and rape. Eventually, more than a dozen women would formally accuse him.

ABC News sat down with three women who say they fell victim to Jeffrey Marsalis. Their names have been changed for this story to protect their identities.

"I was new to Philadelphia at the time; I had just moved there six months prior," said "Rachel," 23 at the time, who went on in early 2004.

"It was my New Year's resolution to finally get out and date again after about a year of not ... of dealing with a divorce," said "Natalie," a 28-year-old scientific researcher.

"Donna," 37 at the time with a job in marketing, said she had grown tired of the bar scene.

Events proceeded with striking similarity.

Women Recall Similar Stories

"I thought he was attractive," said Rachel. "Um, you know, he was, like, well groomed."

"We had a nice walk," said Natalie. "And had a nice conversation on our way over to the bar. And got in, sat down and just continued having a nice conversation over a drink."

Marsalis came across as affable and ambitious. Curiously, he made a point of showing his dates various hospital IDs.

"I mean, normally you don't pull out your IDs," said Donna.

And, as if being a doctor wasn't impressive enough ...

"He said he had been accepted by NASA to be the flight surgeon," said Rachel. "He said he was 'training,' so he at some point would be going on a 'mission' in the future. ... He had the language ... The way he presented it, it was so believable."

Before long, things that night would turn hazy, each woman said.

"The last thing I remember is walking down the street after leaving a bar, and complaining that I couldn't walk," said Rachel.

Donna recalls going back to Marsalis's apartment for another drink. "I took a sip of the drink," she said, "and that was the last thing I remember."

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