2009: Jeffrey Marsalis Speaks Publicly for First Time


But the defense team -- which did not have to deal with the Philadelphia cases, because they had been ruled inadmissible in Idaho -- was ready to dig in.

Jeffrey Marsalis Defense Winds Up Again

Defense attorney Doug Nelson turned to the prosecution's own toxicology expert, who admitted there were no tests that proved Jody had been drugged.

And then there was the amount of alcohol. The defense team said Jody willingly drank beer after beer. A bar receipt showed that between the two of them, Marsalis and Jody bought 20 beers.

Marsalis' attorney asked the jurors to consider whether it was possible that Jody was so drunk she didn't remember wanting to have sex.

"Just because you can't remember, it doesn't mean that you were doing something against your will or non-consensually," Nelson said. "What it means is, you can't remember it."

Jody told ABC News she did not consider that possible.

"No," she said. "I don't believe I was conscious."

And Jody had an eyewitness to back up her story. Prosecutors called the taxi driver who took Marsalis and Jody back to his apartment.

Taxi driver Diedre Hamann testified that she had seen Marsalis escorting Jody toward his condominium complex.

"He had her up under her arm, and he was half-dragging her," Hamann said. "Her toes were pointed backward, her right leg toe was pointed backward, as he was walking her."

Finally, there was an audio tape of Sun Valley Assistant Police Chief Mike Crawford questioning Marsalis after Jody first called police.

At first, Marsalis said he never slept with her. "At no time was her clothes off," he told Crawford.

But then Crawford told Marsalis that they had tested for DNA, and that Jody had procured a rape kit.

Marsalis: 'I Just Shake My Head in Disbelief'

"If we find this out later through the DNA ... how's that going to look for you?" Crawford asked.

Then Marsalis' story began to change.

"I'm not going to rule out, you know, this, this and that at this time," he said on the tape.

When Crawford said he thought Marsalis had sex with Jody, the suspect started to hedge.

"I'm not going to confirm or deny what your statement is," Marsalis replied.

After the case, David Muir confronted Marsalis about all the allegations against him:

Muir: Authorities that I've spoken with have called you the worst date rapist in the nation's history.

Marsalis: I just shake my head in disbelief. I'm like, uh, you've gotta ... you've gotta be kidding me.

Muir: Who are you?

Marsalis: You want me to answer that question now? I am the guy that the girls kept on hanging out with. And that's the guy with a great personality. Uh, that's who I am.

Muir: At various times, you told women that you were a surgeon. Are you?

Marsalis: You know, based on legal advice, I can't ... there are certain areas that I just can't touch, and that's ... that's one of 'em.

Muir: Well, you can tell me whether you're a surgeon or not.

Marsalis: Uh, still, based on legal advice, I can't.

Muir: Are you an astronaut?

Marsalis: Once again, that's an area that I can't touch.

Muir: Did you lie in any way on your resume on Match.com?

Marsalis: I have to say that there were some discrepancies in ... in my profile. About 90 percent of these profiles and ... and getting to know these people, were multiple lies in their profile as well.

Muir: Matching the scope of yours?

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