EXCERPT: 'Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story'

I'm told it appears to have something to do with using electromagnetism instead of mass to produce some sort of rotating energy system capable of moving a vessel through a wormhole (a favorite theme of most of my drawings). One of the physicists who has been looking at my renderings, Dr. Jack Kasher, wrote a rather lengthy explanation of what all this means, but it is too technical to include here. In any case, it seems that the ETs are trying to tell us how to use black holes to travel through space, but we are not capable of entirely grasping their ideas at our current level of understanding (or implementing them if we do).

An even more interesting equation was the one I sketched on February 26, 2006. Apparently, I startled my wife awake when she heard me talking in my sleep. As she rolled over, however, she thought it sounded more as if I were carrying on a conversation with someone in the room while writing the equation -- like I was taking dictation from some unseen entity and asking occasional questions while I drew. And, of course, the room was almost completely dark at the time, leaving me no light to write by. Like the equations I drew under hypnosis, apparently I was capable of writing them down as they were given me in the dark and with my eyes closed. How I can do that is a mystery to me. I certainly can't do it normally.

What was even more interesting about this particular equation is that I wrote it backwards, requiring that it be read in a mirror to make sense.

I'm told they have something to do with how waves distort time and space, making it possible to warp space in such a way as to move through it quickly. Again, without a model to pull the meaning of the equation together, it is difficult to understand it completely, but the physicists who have been willing to look my equations over are impressed with its sophistication. Again, according to Dr. Kasher:

... what is truly remarkable about them is how precisely they have been written. They are a set of tensor equations from Einstein's general theory of relativity, which is a theory of gravity. The Greek superscripts and subscripts are precisely written, and in the proper order to make the equations either tensor or scalar. For example, the Greek letter µ used as a subscript followed by a superscript contracts a tensor into a scalar, which matches the rest of the terms in the equation. Also, the double subscripts µ and v indicate a tensor equation. Notice that in each instance the µ precedes the v, as it should. The circles with the arrows probably indicate travel through space via a wormhole, as before.

I wish I understood what all that meant, but it seems to reinforce the idea that whatever I am writing is way beyond anything I am capable of doing on my own, and that the information I'm receiving is entirely beyond my understanding. I don't know how it is possible for me to do these things -- especially writing precise equations backwards with my eyes closed -- but I hope it ultimately turns out to be for the betterment of mankind. Only time will tell, I suppose.

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