EXCERPT: 'Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story'

On September 28, 2006, I came up with another nocturnal equation to ponder. As with the previous equation, Lisa was woken up by the sound of me, like the February 2006 incident, apparently talking to someone in my sleep. Now this in itself is not all that unusual—many people occasionally talk in their sleep—but this was a little different. Instead of just mumbling words, however, she watched as I was writing another equation, all the while saying things like, "I don't understand... what?" and "Slow down ... there's not enough room ..."

The fortunate thing is that while I was in the midst of doing this, Lisa got up and woke our friend Don --who had stayed overnight and was sleeping in the bedroom next to ours -- to witness my strange little adventure. Both watched fascinated as I sketched very quickly, with my eyes closed the entire time.

After observing me for a few minutes, they watched as I said, ".... okay," and, after scribbling another line, put down the paper and pencil and lay back down, remaining asleep the entire time. They decided not to wake me and waited until morning to show me what I had done. The next morning I could clearly see that this new equation appeared to be as complex as the others. It all looks like gobbledy-gook to me, but I'm told it is actually quite remarkable and has to do with something called the Schwarzschild radius, or event horizon, of a black hole and another thing called Gauss' Law, which has to do with the distribution of electrical charges in an electric field, both of which are way beyond me. What made this sketch a little different from the others, however, were the strange symbols at the bottom of the page that didn't appear to be written in English or that were algebraic in nature. In fact, they appeared to be another language, one neither I nor Lisa or Don had ever seen before.

I would later learn that the strange symbols were actually an ancient language. Eventually one of the researchers figured out that the language was Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke almost two thousand years ago and one spoken rarely today (leading scholars to consider it an "endangered" language). Even more amazing was the fact that it was the Aramaic word for propulsion. Our friend Heidi also figured out that it not only says propulsion but with the two symbols at the beginning of the word are a zero and a period or point, suggesting that the text is talking about something called zero-point propulsion.

In physics, zero-point energy is the lowest possible energy level a system may possess and is thought to be the theoretical source behind free energy-- that is, an inexhaustible and pure energy system that would, if it could be realized, take care of all of humanity's energy needs forever. I'd never heard of the idea previously and still don't understand exactly how it works, much less how I came to write it in Aramaic, but I knew it had to mean something. It may be related somehow to the equation above it. Is it some sort of formula on how to produce zero-point propulsion? I don't know, but I can't believe all of this is merely one huge coincidence.

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