EXCERPT: 'Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story'

What all these equations have to do with me, much less how I came up with them, is a mystery. Skeptics have suggested that they're either nonsensical ramblings -- though there are any number of physicists out there who would disagree -- or that I copied all this stuff out of physics textbooks somewhere. Of course, no one can point to which textbooks I might have gotten it out of, nor does it explain those equations I drew during the regressions in front of a number of witnesses. Either I was acquiring this information from some unknown source out there or everything is an elaborate hoax involving literally dozens of people -- including my wife and kids -- along with a number of credentialed scientists, who are willing to go on record to declare my ramblings valid. Of course, they are not entirely understood; while parts of the equations are recognizable, other parts are not, which implies that they are not nonsensical doodles, but simply that they are discussing quantum physics ideas largely beyond their knowledge. Even more amazing is that, while some of the equations are not new and have been published by others, many of them are new and to this day continue to stump physicists!

University of Nebraska at Omaha physicist Dr. Jack Kasher, whose analysis I have quoted throughout this book, wrote:

Stan has no idea what he is writing -- the symbols look like hen scratches to him. But several of the equations he wrote were graduate-level physics and beyond, and range from advanced electromagnetic theory to special relativity to complicated tensor equations from general relativity and quantum gravity. One page of these equations was even written backwards, as if the beings that were putting them in his head wanted to show us that the equations were coming from Stan, and not copied from elsewhere … There is absolutely no way that Stan could have knowledge of what he wrote. His math abilities have been tested at a sixth grade level, and since there were witnesses present on several of these occasions [when he wrote the equations] I have been forced to conclude that some other beings have put these equations into Stan's head for whatever reason.

Further, in the words of MIT and Princeton-educated physicist Dr. Claude Swanson, who has examined these equations himself in some detail:

In my opinion, these equations are quite beyond Stan's ability to fabricate. They contain useful clues about new physics principles. Some of them correspond to physics theories proposed by others, and others go beyond that. My sense is that they are like a trail of breadcrumbs, designed to lead us to a deeper understanding of physics.

Why I would be given these equations is unclear, but it is as if the ETs are trying to let us know that this is the direction we should go. Of course, I can't prove I acquired this information from extraterrestrials, nor can I guarantee I've necessarily written everything down perfectly. All I can do is leave it for readers to decide for themselves whether these nocturnal doodles of mine constitute evidence that I'm interacting with an alien intellect far more advanced than myself.

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