Learn About Internships Available at ABC News

The ABC News Polling Unit covers the beat of public opinion for the news division to ensure they meet ABC News standards for air. The unit conducts, analyzes and reports on news surveys across a wide range of subjects; consults with correspondents, producers and researchers on public attitudes and behavior; keeps the division abreast of developments in U.S. and international public opinion; and evaluates surveys produced by outside organizations to ensure they meet our standards for air.

Stossel Unit:

The John Stossel Unit consists of producers and support staff who primarily work with anchor John Stossel on the segments he contributes to the show "20/20."


NewsOne and ABSAT are ABC's links to our affiliated stations, our owned and operated stations, and our clients worldwide. NewsOne is a news-gathering service that provides complete, round-the-clock coverage of news and sports to ABC affiliated stations, foreign news agencies and various ABC News programs. ABSAT (ABC Satellite) provides satellite space for ABC affiliates and clients to use to send video from one place to another. NewsOne and ABSAT work together to provide live reports to stations in breaking news situations all over the country.


ABC News VideoSource is the stock footage sales arm of ABC News, providing commercial producers with licensable content from the vast holdings of ABC News and other represented collections. Our customer base ranges from producers for cable and public television programs, to movie studios, educators, and corporate and advertising clients.

Rights and Clearances:

Rights and Clearances provides the appropriate licenses and rights to use ABC News materials.

News Operations:

The ABC News Operations Group serves as the liaison with all news shows, departments, bureaus, and the Information Systems division of the ABC Network. The group helps to schedule, prioritize, and track the acquisition and installation of computer equipment and software through the entire ABC News division.


The Graphics department builds all the maps, diagrams and mattes that are incorporated into each broadcast.

ABC News Film/Tape Library and Archives:

The ABC News Collection contains more than 1.2 million videocassettes in various formats and about 100,000 rolls of film. The core collection represents nearly the entire day-to-day history of the United States and the world from the 1960s to the present, and is searchable in MARS by any word, name, location, date, date range, or combination of same.

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