Death of Bucknell Asst.'s Baby United Team

"I needed to talk to Charles Lee about something that's not to do with a breathing apparatus with one of my kids," he said. "If I'm laughing and giggling and hanging out with them, that's normal for them. If I'm not there, that's abnormal.

"We worked hard for this. From the first phone calls to Chris McNaughton to visiting Donald Brown … this is what we worked for. I didn't want to miss it."

He saw the work pay off in a second consecutive first-round triumph for Bucknell, one of the nation's least-likely basketball powers. The Bison controlled the entire game against bigger, more athletic Arkansas, then made just enough plays in the final minutes to hang on, 59-55.

The postgame scene in the locker room was much more muted than last year, when Bucknell shocked Kansas. This victory was more expected. But the emotion between Goodman and the players was palpable.

"I told him we did it for him," said Lee, who scored 24 points against Arkansas.

"He gave me a big hug and said, 'Thank you,' " guard Kevin Bettencourt said. "If we can put a smile on his face through basketball, that's great."

They put a smile on Amy Goodman's face as well. She watched the game with friends in Lewisburg and left Bryan a voice-mail message afterward, saying how happy she was for the team -- and how happy she was that he was there to be part of it.

"Then it was right back to reality," Bryan said. "Back to the hospital."

But here's the good news from Geisinger Medical Center: Since Sophia passed Monday night, the three surviving babies are all doing better. Grace came out of four-hour eye surgery with better results than the doctors had hoped. Clark, who along with Sophia had had the most physical problems, is "showing huge strides," Bryan said.

"I don't know if you believe in these sort of things," Goodman said, "but I think Sophia will sort of become their guardian angel."

The Goodman family will always have this group of Bucknell basketball players on their side as well.

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