Aaron Craft is the perfect roommate


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The answer to the riddle, one apparently as hard to solve as that of the Sphinx, must be here in this basement apartment just off the Ohio State campus, the one with the Fathead of Urban Meyer's head tilting in the window. There's no place else to look. Others have tried and come up empty, so the solution must be here. It has to be.

And yet, when the riddle is posed, there is a pause, a bit of head-scratching, and "hmmmmmm ...''

Until finally, mercifully, Logan Jones, bless his soul, thinks he has it. While his three roommates sit silently trying to come up with something, anything, Jones offers up his aha! moment.

"Ice cream. He eats ice cream like every night," Jones says.

So there it is America, the secret dirt, the unearthed gossip:

Aaron Craft has a vice and it is a post-sunset addiction to cookie dough ice cream.

Someone alert TMZ.

"It's true,'' the Ohio State point guard admits when confronted later in the day with his problem. "If I could eat ice cream every day and at every meal, I would. But it's sort of frowned upon in society.''

Asked if he has a go-to brand, Craft shakes his head.

"No. You've got to go with what's on sale,'' he said.

Sigh. Of course you do, if you're Aaron Craft.

Take the basketball out of his hand and what you have here is a four-corner square, a kid so squeaky clean it almost pisses you off. Wait, ticks you off. Craft doesn't curse. We don't want to offend.

He carries a 3.89 GPA in nutrition, with an eye on medical school, and he received the first B of his life in college (and it was a B-plus in chemistry). A Google search will lead you to a video of Craft solving a Rubik's Cube ... in just more than a minute. And in high school, he was both valedictorian of his class and National Honor Society president.

He's a devout Christian, engaged to be married and a member of Ohio State's Athletes in Action. In August, he joined Mission of Hope in Haiti and when he has time, he visits sick children in the hospital and helps feed the homeless.

Oh, and he's pretty good at basketball, too -- two-time Cousy Award semifinalist, two-time Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, Ohio State record holder and general glue guy for the No. 5 Buckeyes, who host Maryland on Wednesday night in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

Craft is so unimpeachable, his roommates' Twitter account -- @CRAFTRoomies -- is a send-up of his wholesomeness. Here's a picture of Aaron on the first day of school; here he is doing his homework; here he is vacuuming the apartment.

"He really is that guy,'' Luke Roberts said. "I can see why people at other schools hate him. I'd hate him if I went to another school, probably.''

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