Baseline Buzz: Bouchard's to lose

Wilansky: I'm with you there, Missy. Between Serena and all her antics, Sharapova's inconsistent results away from the French Open and Azarenka's health issues, women's tennis needs a spark. We thought Sloane Stephens might take some leaps toward the game's upper echelon, but she's still a work in progress. Bouchard has some serious allure. She has a stylish game to match her engaging personality. Kvitova is more coy, but has a powerful and talented enough game that could help her win a few more Slam titles. Love this matchup, but ultimately, I think Bouchard's steady game will be too much for Kvitova. Bouchard in straights.

Bialik: Bouchard has given us no reason to doubt her apt comment about her "boring" focus on tennis. She's into the final of just her sixth major -- faster than Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova got to their first finals -- yet Bouchard clearly is impatient to get on with the next step of winning her first major, so she can go on to win her second, third and 10th. I'm not saying she'll necessarily do that, but that's her attitude. I think that attitude -- and her game, with a backhand built to withstand Kvitova's lefty attacks -- will get Bouchard through in three sets. Kvitova's level always rises and falls, so I see her redlining to take a set.

Isaacson: I like Bouchard in three sets as well, and "like" is the operative word here because I'm picking more from the heart than the head. This is still a 20-year-old playing in her first Grand Slam final, and the unpredictable element to that would scare me if I was putting down actual pounds! Since I am not, I agree that a Bouchard win and Bouchard in general is good for women's tennis. She's a breath of fresh air, a tough and exciting competitor and someone you can see maintaining a level of excellence for a long time. And thanks for evoking Sloane Stephens' name here, Matt, because watching young players like Bouchard and Halep should show the young American in no uncertain terms just how hard she has to work if she wants to take that next step. I hope Stephens is paying attention.

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