Will Cleveland rock Johnny Manziel?

From the police report after the bar-district fight that landed him in jail his freshman year at Texas A&M: "[Manziel] appeared to be so intoxicated that he could not answer my questions about the incident."

Manziel, a counselor at the Manning Passing Academy, got sent home by Peyton and Eli's father, Archie, for staying out all night on Bourbon Street and missing a morning session, according to several reports.

Heisman winner Manziel risked another fight by showing up at a fraternity party on the campus of archrival University of Texas: the school he had dreamed of playing for, and the school that didn't recruit him. Hard to believe he was completely sober.

In a piercing ESPN The Magazine piece by Wright Thompson that appeared in July on ESPN.com, Manziel's father, Paul, indicated that Johnny drinks to deal with the stress of being Johnny Football -- a scary sign. Thompson reported that Manziel's parents and coach Kevin Sumlin mandated that Johnny visit an alcohol counselor, which he did for six or seven weeks last season.

Yet Manziel said at the scouting combine that he did not see an alcohol counselor, only a life counselor. So, once again, I cringed the morning after the draft at this picture in the New York Post: life-of-the-party Johnny, at the New York hot spot Avenue, chugging from an oversized bottle of Champagne.

One reason it probably was best Jerry Jones didn't draft Manziel: Dallas hot spots have seduced many a Cowboy into downfalls.

Yet Manziel has told me several times that alcohol is not an issue for him, and, in response to a question I asked him this week, he texted that not a single team before the draft asked whether he would undergo alcohol counseling -- including the Browns.

Obviously many pro athletes before Manziel have been able to regularly get drunk without letting alcohol take over their lives or hurt their on-field performances. But few have been a Texas legend and a national phenomenon at 21. Manziel sold more jerseys the weekend after he was drafted than RG III, Luck and Tim Tebow combined. He's Bieberesque.

Remember, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is filled with cautionary tales of 20-somethings who kept trying to escape the pressure of living up to their runaway fame until they permanently escaped -- from Janis Joplin to Jimi Hendrix.

I know Manziel got sick and tired of private investigators from NFL teams digging into his private life. I know he loves/hates the pressure of being Johnny Football. What if he and Kyle Shanahan begin to clash and the stress closes in on him in a cold place far, far from southeast Texas? Here's hoping Johnny Football doesn't become derisively nicknamed Johnny Walker.

Josh Gordon, the NFL's breakout star last year, campaigned on "First Take" for the Browns to take Manziel. Then, the day after they did, this story punctured the euphoria: Gordon has again fallen to his demons and faces a potential season-long suspension for again testing positive for marijuana.

Terrible break for Manziel. Maybe getting drafted by Cleveland was, too.

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