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The latest "24" accelerated so much that most action took place in the first 12 hours. In that time, our hero: participates in 11 all-out gun battles without getting hit, hundreds of rounds fired at him at close range all missing; participates in four car chases, including once being fired on by a ground-attack drone during the chase; pursues two different people through two parts of the London Underground; knocks 10 men unconscious, each time with a single punch; shoots 36 bad guys to death (all die instantaneously); throws a butcher's cleaver which kills a bad guy instantaneously (apparently there are butcher's cleavers lying around on tramp steamers); beheads a bad guy with a katana (apparently ceremonial swords are common on tramp steamers); rappels down the side of a skyscraper, then grabs a man inside and throws him out the window using only one arm; defenestrates a terrorist mastermind; is unharmed by a crash in which his car is rammed by a large truck; breaks out of a CIA black site; breaks into the United States embassy in London despite a phalanx of police surrounding the building; performs minor surgery on the president of the United States, who recovers instantaneously; sneaks the president out of the embassy without the Secret Service noticing; drives the president around London without anyone noticing; fakes the death of the president; locates a hacker collective the CIA couldn't find; interrogates a hospital patient; helps evacuate the hospital just before a huge explosion; engages in tender moments with an old flame; infiltrates two different organizations of super criminals; steals a flash drive the entire U.S. military is looking for; determines the identity of a master terrorist whom the CIA knew nothing about; finds her location and gets the electricity to her building shut down; flies a helicopter back and forth across London; needs mere seconds to figure out how to operate an attack drone; uncovers a CIA traitor whom the agency knew nothing about; tracks and apprehends the CIA traitor, then tricks him into talking; discovers the White House chief of staff is a traitor, then tricks him into talking; arranges an elaborate trap for the Russian ambassador to the United Kingdom; attacks the Russian ambassador's home; assaults a heavily defended ship; recovers an override device that allows remote control of any United States military system; and prevents nuclear war with China. All in 12 hours!

Indianapolis: Not only did the Colts defeat both Super Bowl entrants; reader Jack Epstein of New York City notes, "The Colts are the sole team on either Seattle's schedule or Denver's schedule that they did not beat this season." By the test of Authentic Games, the 2013 Colts were terrific. But all contests count. The Colts lost to St. Louis by 30 points, to Arizona by 29 points and wheezed out in the postseason at New England. Strong regular seasons culminating in a postseason wheeze-out are a recent Indianapolis norm; since trotting onto the field for the 2010 Super Bowl versus the Saints, the Colts are on a 1-4 playoff stretch.

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