Crosby's scoring struggles baffling

"I think sometimes they want the game to be decided just by Sidney Crosby scoring a goal, and that hasn't been the case, so they ask the questions, but really it's no more than about winning for us and about winning for Sid," Bylsma said. "We did that in the first round and [Friday] night we did not. We're down 1-0 against that team and those questions are going to come and they're going to come about all of us and, from that standpoint, I can understand them."

Former NHL GM Craig Button believes that it may be a case of Crosby trying to do too much.

"He's got an engine that fires," Button told "He's got big horsepower in there. He is a player that is always, always going."

But sometimes -- and this might be one of those times -- perhaps the fire burns too hot and he needs to step back, to take a deep breath in order to be at his most effective.

"I think that Sidney Crosby, I think that his competitiveness, it's hard to say gets the better of him, but when he doesn't get results, I think he even tries to try harder, if that's possible," Button said.

There is a lot of external pressure on the Penguins, whether it's on Bylsma or netminder Marc-Andre Fleury or the team as a whole as it tries to recapture its Stanley Cup form last seen in 2009.

"Who takes on the brunt of that?" Button said. "I think that's Sidney Crosby."

Button recalled a play in Game 1 against the Rangers when Kunitz beat a Rangers defender and the puck came to where Crosby would normally be, but he wasn't there.

"He looked like he wasn't sure," Button said. "He's a thinker, you know that. I think that it's just off by a little bit."

How Crosby moves forward will say much about the outcome of this series. As Button noted, when he's on his game, Crosby has the ability to separate his team from the competition. But if he's not on his game, it acts as an impetus for the competition.

"I think that it narrows the gaps between the competition and I think it gives the competition real hope, to say, hey, listen we can win this series," Button said.

This series is just one game old, but with back-to-back games Sunday and Monday, it is also a series that has the potential to get out of hand quickly for the Penguins, who face what is almost a must-win situation in Game 2 on Sunday night. So, yes, perspective is important. So, too, is the importance of the return of the old Sidney Crosby to the Penguins' chances of further success this spring.

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