Donald Sterling testifies at trial

"The doctors are absolutely correct in their conclusions. You can't help but feel a little sympathy for the man because he clearly is not working with all of his faculties," Ballmer lawyer Adam Streisand said, saying he was unable to testify today "in any kind of competent way."

"I've seen a lot of people who have had cognitive decline and what they do is textbook. It's a defensive mechanism. He doesn't understand the questions, he can't remember the facts. What he does is he becomes combative. He starts making speeches. Then he can't remember his canned speeches, his outbursts. That's just what happens with people who have this kind of cognitive decline and are suffering from Alzheimer's."

Samini had an entirely different take, saying he "did an excellent job on the stand" and joking, "of all the lawyers that were in the room today, if I needed a lawyer, I'd hire him."

Samini said Sterling's combative nature has always been a part of his personality, and many of his jabs at Fields -- telling him to speak up, insulting his questions and repeatedly asking his name and qualifications -- were because of Fields' reputation.

"He knew that Bert Fields was going to be questioning him and found it somewhat insulting that Mr. Fields made comments to the media suggesting that he was going to make him cry after that," Samini said.

"This is the mistake you guys are making. You think he showed up here and put on a show. That's our client. That's been our client for many, many years. He didn't go to bed last night and say, 'I'm going to show up and be this guy.' He came here, he gave his testimony. I think it was sincere, I think it was truthful. I don't think it can be given any other way.

"Of course it's subject to interpretation. I didn't see it as rambling. I saw it as there were things he wanted to communicate and get out and I think he did them pretty effectively."

Sterling will resume his testimony Wednesday afternoon.

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