Donovan's success unparalleled

It also raises a question Donovan has never, even after his quick hire/resignation dalliance with the Orlando Magic in 2007, really answered with a no: Would he leave for the NBA?

"It is really, really hard to stay at a place for a long, long period of time," Donovan said  in a "SportsCenter" Conversation after news of his latest contract extension was reported -- months after it was signed. "I feel very fortunate that I've been able to be here for 18 years. ... I flirted with the NBA eight years ago -- seven years ago, whenever it was -- and for whatever reason, at that time, it wasn't right for me. But I'm very, very happy where I'm at right now, and all I've tried to do is live each day in front of me trying to be the best I can be for Florida."

In 18 years, Donovan's life at the University of Florida has seen him go from a little-known, 30-year-old Rick Pitino protégé to one of the most respected coaches in the sport. He has turned a historical laughingstock into a program that will arrive at the 2014 Final Four 36-2 and seemingly like the most predictable portion of the proceedings.

Donovan has done more to improve a moribund basketball program, and more drastically, than any coach in modern college hoops history. Frankly, no coach has done more with basketball at a "football school." Ever.

And still a late-night Final Four airport rally still feels remarkable. No wonder that question gets old. You think?

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