Who is better: Doughty or Keith?

BURNSIDE: So, I read somewhere that Doughty is just 24 and yes, that is impressive. I know in talking to scouts and others that they continue to be wildly impressed with Keith's ability to knock down passes and turn those kinds of turnovers into instant offense.

"I'm a defenseman so I'm a little bit biased, but I think most plays offensively start in your own end with that first pass," former NHL defenseman Sean O'Donnell told ESPN.com on Tuesday. "I think the two of them are similar in ways that they skate very well, they go back, they get the puck quickly and they move it up quickly.

"Duncan's very fortunate with the team that he has in Chicago. They have so many weapons offensively that he's able to work and complement [Marian] Hossa and Toews and some of those guys up front where Drew creates a lot on his own.

"They're both underrated, I think, defensively. They put up good numbers but 25, 26, 27 minutes a night for their team, and there's a reason why these teams have played as many playoff series as anybody in the last three years."

Even Doughty had high praise for Keith. Though I didn't ask whether he'd rather have himself or Keith on his team if he had to choose.

"I think we're kind of different players," Doughty said. "I guess we have kind of the same offensive instincts. I'd say he's more of a passer than a shooter. He's a very good player. He's not going to go and hit guys and that's kind of what I do. When I'm low, I kind of play more of a physical game than him, that's for sure. But he's so good with his stick and he's so fast. It's tough to get around him. He's always a good player and someone we need to key on."

"Personality-wise, he's a nice guy off the ice, really nice guy. He's pretty funny. Always having fun and stuff like that. Good guy off the ice. But I'm not going to let that come into play on the ice," added Doughty, who was part of two gold-medal efforts with Keith for Team Canada, in Vancouver in 2010 and in Sochi, Russia, in 2014.

CUSTANCE: So is this you picking Keith over Doughty? I'm not sure you've specified yet. The Olympics further bolster the case for Doughty. He was the best defenseman on the best team in the tournament, one that included Keith. I remember before the Olympics, Mike Babcock said to keep an eye on Doughty. And that was in 2010. He's now turned in two standout Olympic performances against the best players in the world.

"He was huge for us in the Olympics," Patrick Sharp said when asked about Doughty on Tuesday. "He was often the guy carrying the puck up the ice. When the European teams were sitting five guys back, he was the guy skating it. He's a great player."

While I'm sure Sharp would pick Keith if you put him on the spot, he certainly has an appreciation for his Team Canada teammate whom he's now facing in the Western Conference finals.

In six Olympic games, Doughty had six points, including four goals. That's four more than Keith, if we're doing a head-to-head comparison.

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