Durant needs Westbrook to win

Durant often unsuccessfully fights the natural nice in him. He sometimes comes off as a surly jerk in on-court postgame TV interviews because he's trying to seem dead-seriously angry about winning a championship.

Translation: He's trying to come off more like Westbrook naturally does. Westbrook can genuinely be a surly jerk. He doesn't have to try to be a late-game cold-blooded killer. He just is.

Durant still appears to wrestle with exactly why God blessed him with such rare talent. Westbrook doesn't seem to think about much but using his freakish speed, strength and spring to play basketball as hard as he can. Westbrook often seems happier than Durant.

Now, Durant's first championship hinges on Westbrook's not-nice knee. Once so durable, now so defective?

Three times I've had medial meniscus tears scoped and bounced back quickly. These aren't big deals. No, I don't play NBA basketball. But last July, I had what my surgeon called a "significant tear" on a knee whose cushioning cartilage had been clipped once. Three weeks later, I had built back up to running eight miles. I still play a lot of basketball without issue.

Something went very wrong with Westbrook's knee. He's obviously sucking it up and rampaging through pain game after game. By resting him for the second game of these five back-to-backs, the team obviously is trying to save him for a deep playoff run.

Late in playoff games, "Kind" Kevin has no chance without him.

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