Fair or foul, Warriors finding a way

"Because I've gotten the opportunity, the luxury, of watching these guys every single day," Jackson said. "I've watched these guys for three years now. I know what they put into this. I know how they embrace the spotlight. I know how they've competed and defeated the odds. I know how they broke generational curses. And were able to turn a losing -- with all due respect -- franchise into a team that has gone into the playoffs back-to-back years. I know how they chased down 51 wins and got in the conversation with guys like Wilt [Chamberlain] and [Rick] Barry and [Chris] Mullin and [Al] Attles -- some rare air in the Bay Area. But these guys are made of the right stuff. Seeing them every day, I won't bet against them."

The Warriors won this game for themselves, but it has the most impact on Jackson. Before the game, I asked him if he had any comments or criticism about my column about the tenuous nature of his job status.

He said he hadn't read it, and wondered what I'd written. I told him I compared him to Ned Stark in Season 1 of "Game of Thrones." He doesn't watch the show, so the analogy was lost on him. I told him it didn't end well for Ned Stark.

"It's going to end well for me," Jackson said.

Maybe he knows something we don't. Or maybe he's doing more -- and doing better -- than we understood.

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