Fisher: Big 12 format 'ridiculous'

 Art Briles Ron Jenkins/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT/Getty Images

Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher said Monday at ACC media days that it's "ridiculous" the Big 12 doesn't play a conference championship game.

When informed of the comment,  Baylor coach Art Briles lobbed a retort later in the day.

"Don't come down here to Texas and try to tell me how to do mine," Briles said from Big 12 media days in Dallas. "Jimbo Fisher needs to worry about the ACC. That's what he needs to worry about.

"I'm not telling him how to do their business."

As college football journeys into a four-team playoff era, conferences have been lobbying to strengthen their position. The Big 12 has been touting the fact that it will play nine conference games, while the SEC and ACC will only play eight.

But the Big 12 is the only major conference without a championship game.

Fisher called the conference championship game essentially an extra playoff game that the Big 12 doesn't have to play.

"And by the way I think every conference should have to have one," Fisher said. "We got a (national) champion and not everyone plays the same number of games and does the same thing."

Florida State and Baylor figure to be two teams jockeying for spots in the inaugural playoff. The Seminoles are the defending national champs. Baylor won the Big 12 last season.

Quarterback Clint Trickett, who used to play for Florida State before transferring to  West Virginia in the Big 12, reacted on Twitter to the comments of his former coach:'s Jared Shanker contributed to this report.