FLB Buzz: Tuesday, Sept. 7

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  • You play fantasy baseball. You play fantasy football. You say you have no time. Well, for the next three weeks, make the time! This is arguably the most exciting time of the general fantasy year, with the two main sports overlapping. I'm still seeing plenty of movement in my baseball leagues. In one league, there are five teams vying for the title, and it seems to change every day. One day a guy is up five points, the next he's in fifth. It's incredible. Each John Thomson outing is critical! For those who wondered if I had given up on baseball, no way. I've got about 10 teams I'm still paying close attention to, and with each day it seems there's more to watch. Should I actually consider benching Jason Schmidt? Is it time to cut Mike Piazza? These are questions you must ask yourself in the final weeks.
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  • Back from a fun weekend in Las Vegas, and all everyone wants to discuss is fantasy football. Yeah, I know Week 1 is just 48 hours away, but still. I started preparing for 2004 fantasy baseball back in January. And five-plus months of the season are over. Can't give up now, with three weeks left... Here are some thoughts today... General thoughts

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