FSU exhales, but can't exactly relax


Four North Carolina players were suspended for the Tar Heels' opener, which just happens to coincide with a UNC investigation into an alleged hazing incident (as first reported by Yahoo Sports).

It would be nice to report that the ugly Richie Incognito/ Jonathan Martin hazing controversy of a season ago would have ended such nonsense. But stupidity, on the NFL or college level, doesn't have an expiration date.

North Carolina is addressing the situation. In fact, college coaches around the country still have their antennae up when it comes to hazing and prehistoric locker room culture.

"That whole situation in Miami made me uncomfortable," Oregon State coach Mike Riley said. "It confirmed my idea that you've got to stay on top of that."

Riley -- and undoubtedly other major college coaches -- reacted to the Miami Dolphins situation of 2013. And the North Carolina allegations of hazing will be another reminder of how quickly things can go wrong (a Tar Heel player was allegedly concussed during the incident).

"I think the only answer to that is constant education," Riley said. "I heard [legendary college and NFL coach] Bill Walsh talk once about it. He laid out the ground rules of what the organization is about in the very first meeting of the year. Then it was a matter of continuing to come back to it during the course of the year.

"We have the new players stand up and introduce themselves. That is the beginning and the end of the their introduction. There is no 'education,' no initiation and no hazing."


And the Heisman goes to ... Georgia's Gurley. His dreadlocks could outrun Clemson.

Also in attendance for the presentation ceremony: Oregon's Marcus Mariota, A&M's Hill, FSU's Winston, Nebraska's Abdullah and Baylor's Bryce Petty.

In a parallel universe where all the other Heisman candidates join the Peace Corps: Oklahoma State's Tyreek Hill (Hill is so fast that he left contrails while gaining 278 all-purpose yards against Florida State).


Top 10

1. Georgia

UGA gets two weeks to prepare for road trip to South Carolina. No wonder the Bulldogs have drool marks.

2. Oklahoma

OU opponent Tulsa needed double overtime to beat Tulane. The Golden Hurricane won't have to worry about free football in this one.

3. Florida State

Seminoles are too talented not to recover from their opening night struggles.

4. LSU

Say a prayer for Sam Houston State.

5. Alabama

See above, but insert Florida Atlantic.

6. Baylor

See above, but insert Northwestern State.

7. Michigan State and Oregon

Hey, an actual game that matters! Sparty travels to Oregon!

9. Auburn

Hey, another game that doesn't matter! Tigers vs. San Jose State.

10. USC and Texas A&M

Well, this will be interesting: Trojans at Stanford. And this won't be interesting: Aggies at home against Lamar.

Waiting list: Ohio State, Ole Miss, Stanford, Nebraska and Notre Dame.


Who's in ... the CFP final four:

Georgia vs. LSU -- The Mad Hatter instructs his Tigers to execute a fake coin flip.

Oklahoma vs. Florida State -- For what it's worth, OU's Bob Stoops is 2-0 against Jimbo Fisher and FSU.

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