Hamilton's costly headfirst slide

While Hamilton's injury affects the outfield and lineup, Scioscia said the key will be the pitching. "The first week of the season has shown when we pitch well, we win and that's where our focus has to be," he said. "And if we pitch well, we can certainly absorb this for whatever the time frame is going to be."

Unfortunately, pitching was not a strong suit last year (24th in ERA), and ace Jered Weaver ($85 million over five years) has a 6.00 ERA so far this season with decreasing velocity. He and Wilson will have to pitch well, as will prospect Tyler Skaggs, whom the Angels acquired for Mark Trumbo.

So Hamilton's injury was not good news for the Angels. But at least there was one silver lining in the radioactive cloud of injury: Trout said he never dives headfirst into first base.

"I heard it slows you down," Trout said. "I like to dive headfirst into second or third but they say you lose a step and it slows your momentum down. And there is the risk of getting hurt."

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