Handing out the first-half awards

  • GM 88
  • HR 6
  • RBI 44
  • R 28
  • OBP .275
  • AVG .224

I was speaking with a longtime National League executive this week when Brown's name came up. The first word that came out of his mouth was "awful." Hard to disagree. A year ago, Brown was heading for his first All-Star Game. Twelve months later, he symbolizes everything that has gone wrong in Philadelphia since the glory days. He was the one prospect in the Phillies' system they didn't trade away in the fervid pursuit of another shower of confetti. He was the reason they let Jayson Werth sail off on the Free Agent Luxury Liner. He was the one young position player they decided would be the centerpiece of their next generation. So he's been shown incredible faith and even more incredible patience. But here is how he's rewarded that faith and patience so far: His .599 OPS ranks 156th of 161 big leaguers who qualify for the batting title. His .325 slugging percentage ranks 153rd. His .275 on-base percentage is 155th. Among all big league position players who have 250 plate appearances, he ranks dead last in WAR at minus-1.6. He's hit .180 with a .548 OPS in a home park that was supposed to be made for him. And when he puts on a glove, FanGraphs ranks him as the worst regular left fielder in the National League. So if Brown makes it through this season without being sent back to Farm Land or being traded for somebody else's favorite underachiever, there can be only one explanation: The Phillies can't find a single outfielder anywhere to replace him.

Sighs of relief for: Dan Uggla, Everth Cabrera.

AL LVP: Billy Butler, Royals

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