Harrisons essential to UK's March run

"I think my room is a little ... actually, his room is kind of dirty, too," Aaron said. "My room is probably dirtier, definitely."

Andrew said, and his teammates agreed, he's more serious and business-like. You can see it on the floor. He's more intense. Aaron is more of a free spirit. And he's also the one who runs to the spotlight.

"Andrew is a little bit more serious," Hawkins said. "Aaron, he's goofing around. But they both goof around a lot. Actually, it's hard to tell you [how they're different] because they act the same. They crack jokes on people all the time. You can talk to them about anything."

It wasn't always this way, this unison and its clear effect on the program. Calipari had to make some adjustments. Their collective talent was never in question, but their overall demeanor was.

"The biggest thing we had to help them with was body language," Calipari said during Monday's Final Four media teleconference. "As that changed, they became different players. The second thing was, we had to define the roles better, and I did a poor job of that until late in the year."

Now, they're the fist-pumping, clutch-shot-making, championship-pursuing youngsters who've helped this talented Kentucky team earn another opportunity to win a national title. Kentucky wouldn't be here without them.

"They've been very important," Hawkins said. "Andrew, he's been a vocal leader and he's been working on how to lead a team. Aaron, he's being a leader, too. But it's not by vocal. It's by what he's doing."

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