Kobe Bryant: Record not factor

"I know where I'm at," Bryant said. "Playing those games helped me identify that. So, in my training, I know exactly what adjustments I need to make and how my body felt and how I responded."

Bryant also responded to the recent fracas between Nick Young and the Phoenix Suns, which resulted in a one-game suspension for Young and a Lakers team meeting at shootaround Friday to discuss Young's claim that none of his teammates backed him.

"I think it's tough because it happens so fast, particularly for younger players," Bryant said. " Ryan [Kelly], he's a really young guy. He's not accustomed to being in those types of situations where an altercation breaks out. So, we learn from it. So now in the future if we see a situation where that happens, now they know how to react to those type of situations."

Despite Young's one-game ban costing the Lakers guard approximately $10,000 in salary, Bryant said he was impressed by Young's reaction.

"For Nick, I think it was a good sign," Bryant said. "It's never good to smack a player across the face, but for Nick, personally, he hasn't showed that competitive streak since he's been in the league. So now, it's starting to come out of him in terms of competing and showing it means more to him than just going out there and playing the games. That's a positive sign."

Bryant also explained why he audited a marketing class at Boston College on Thursday evening.

"It's interesting because I've been doing a good amount of international marketing for the last 15 years," said Bryant, who added the 6:30 p.m. ET class was "perfect timing" because the Lakers' team plane landed in Boston at 5. "So, to sit in a classroom and actually hear the proper terminology for some of the things that I've been doing was pretty cool."

And with Bryant back at TD Garden, the conversation naturally shifted to the Lakers' longtime rivals.

Bryant was asked to share his favorite moment of his career in Boston and chose Game 3 of the 2010 Finals, which the Lakers won 91-84 to go up 2-1 in the series before eventually winning it all in seven games.

"That was a tough one," Bryant said. "I don't think I slept from Game 2 all the way to Game 3. That was the pressure cooker right there."

Bryant also empathized with Boston's Rajon Rondo, who is sticking around while the Celtics try to rebuild back to a championship contender, similar to what Bryant experienced with the Lakers from 2004 to '07.

"It's frustrating," Bryant said. "But from what I understand, he's an a--h--- like me, so I think he'll manage."

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