LeBron to refocus after vacation

James did say he values the flexibility his contract options affords him to be able to evaluate every aspect of his present and future. James could opt out and sign a new deal worth up to $129 million over five seasons. The most another team could offer James, Wade or Bosh is a four-year, $96 million deal.

Should all three players bypass their opt-out clause, they would account for more than $61 million of salary cap that is projected to be about $63 million next season. That means Miami, which could have as many as 14 of its 15 players enter free agency next month, would have limited resources to upgrade the roster in some regards.

"I'm in position to be able to do that," James said of having flexibility. "Not saying I want to take that option right now. I'm not sure yet. There's a lot of time when you're not in control of your future in professional sports. I've been fortunate to have two opportunities to do that -- in 2010, and if I decide to use it now, I can be in control of my future now."

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