5-on-5: Love a perfect fit with LBJ

Karl: You've got to trade Waiters. Here's what I know: What's between Kyrie and Waiters cannot be fixed. If I'm trying to play Kyrie with my bench, and Waiters is coming off the bench, that's not going to work. Yeah, they can kiss and make up. But I heard that locker room was cancerous, filled with a lot of bad rationalizing. If that's true, you've got to move Waiters before you start and not contaminate the psychology and momentum that you have. It's different on a veteran team. You have a brand new team, a brand new coach, brand new enthusiasm. To contaminate it with what happened last season in the locker room -- and I know Waiters and Irving are denying it happened -- would be wrong.

Penn: My feeling on Waiters is that it's the right time to move him. Because of everything Amin just said, it would be logical for people who don't know the warts, don't know the issues there to be intrigued by a deal. Waiters is so young and talented. I would agree with Coach Karl -- now that you're in the business of winning, any threat, any question needs to be removed and replaced with a sure thing. 

Pelton: I would add that I don't think Waiters is a great basketball fit, either. The Cavs have guys who can create their own offense, especially with Love. They need a 3-and-D type specialist playing next to LeBron, who can take the more difficult defensive matchups and continue to stretch the floor.

Penn: I think LeBron is going to be named the general manager of the year for the Association of Elderly Sharpshooters.

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