Missouri didn't pursue alleged assault

Menu Courey went on to describe the assault in detail, mentioning that she tried to reach a friend and former boyfriend on the phone during the assault:

"… I started to panick & as i still on the phone trying to reach one of them tears start going down & the guy just lift up my dress & next thing i knew he inserts from behind. by that point tears were falling more but i wasnt loud & didnt anything. and then i just snapped and kind pushed him away & yelled no! and then he just left."

The basics of Menu Courey's account are supported by a former Missouri football receiver, who alleges that more than one of his teammates raped her that night. Rolandis Woodland, a receiver with the Tigers from 2008-12 and a friend of Menu Courey's, was not at the scene but said the morning after the incident she was distraught and crying, confiding to him that something bad had happened to her without saying exactly what.

Later, after she died, he said he saw a videotape of three players in a dark room assaulting her in a drunken state.

"You could see her saying 'No, no,' hysterically crying," Woodland, who had dated Menu Courey briefly, told "Outside the Lines." "She uses the name of [redacted player] when she tells him to get off of her, and he says, 'It's only me.' They dim the lights and you could see them switching [assaulting] her but you cannot see who was switching because the lights were dimmed. About three minutes into the tape, she pushed whoever was on her off of her and ran out of the room."

Woodland said he believes Menu Courey didn't realize, because she was intoxicated, that multiple players took part. The video was sent to him, he said, by Menu Courey, who mailed the package just before she killed herself in June 2011. He said Menu Courey had told him she received the tape from a former girlfriend of one of the players. Woodland said the tape was inadvertently misplaced by one of his family members, and he has been unable to find it.

Woodland attributes the discrepancy in his account and Menu Courey's to her intoxication. He stands by his account that she was raped by teammates and said he angrily confronted three of them shortly after her death. He said that after being pressed, one of them admitted being with her sexually -- that he took advantage of the situation -- but denied it was against her consent.

"[They said] 'Oh, I'm sorry, you know, this was going on, I didn't know that I was putting her in that situation,'" Woodland said. "I'm like, 'Yes, you did know. You knew.'"

Woodland said he did not go to police with the information or allegation because he wasn't sure Menu Courey would have wanted that. Courey's journal entries reviewed by "Outside the Lines" show she was not confident anything would happen if she contacted police.

"Outside the Lines" is not naming the alleged assailants because the incident was never reported to police.

Mentally and emotionally, Menu Courey experienced a significant decline after that night, documents and interviews show.

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