NFL Depth Chart Rankings

The Texans are a rare team that rotates some of their offensive linemen in and out, in this case because the backup offensive linemen have far outplayed the starters. When the Texans use a formation with a fullback, Greg Jones (+24.3) has been ready to go and has played very well. In the past, defensive end Tim Jamison (+4.2) has played well, but he has only been in for 20 snaps this year. Basically every other group for the Texans isn't terrible, but they could each use an upgrade.

21. Green Bay Packers

Backups grade: 18.9 | Deepest position group: Running back
Shallowest: Outside linebacker | Best non-starter: DE Mike Daniels (+17.8)

There has been little to be excited about on the Packers defense this year, but Daniels has been by far the best run defender and interior pass-rusher on the defensive line. When Eddie Lacy has needed a breather, James Starks (+5.2) has made a few big runs, while John Kuhn (+9.7) is quietly having one of his best seasons. There are too many position groups that have lacked depth this year, including tight end, offensive line, outside linebacker and defensive back.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Backups grade: 15.9 | Deepest position group: Defensive tackle
Shallowest: Offensive line | Best non-starter: DT Derek Landri (+12.2)

The Buccaneers have two backup defensive tackles in Landri and Gary Gibson (+9.3) who have a big history of success, even though they haven't shown it much this year. At running back, while Brian Leonard might never be a lead back, he remains a good role player. Outside of those players, there aren't many guys you would recognize, with the offensive line sticking out as a noticeable weakness.

23. Oakland Raiders

Backups grade: 14.2 | Deepest position group: Halfback
Shallowest: Defensive tackle | Best non-starter: OT Matt McCants (+6.2)

All of the Raiders' noteworthy depth is on offense. McCants, a 2012 sixth-round pick, has had some opportunities at right tackle and has been great in pass protection during that time. While Denarius Moore has been out, Andre Holmes (+3.3) has come out of nowhere with back-to-back good games. The defense hasn't looked great this year, and an injury in the front seven would only make things more difficult for Oakland.

24. New York Jets

Backups grade: 14.0 | Deepest position group: Defensive line
Shallowest: Defensive back | Best non-starter: DT Kenrick Ellis (+14.2)

The strength of New York's starters this year has been the defensive line, which should make it no surprise that the strength of their backups is there as well. Most teams would be happy to have Ellis in the middle of their base defense, and recently Leger Douzable (+9.4) has helped when a defensive end needs a break. The defensive line has been good enough to get the Jets a few wins this season, and their backup defensive linemen are good enough to put them this high in the rankings.

25. Washington Redskins

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