NSAC votes to ban TRT

"A lot of these people who would apply for this would want to argue the reason they have low testosterone is because they've been fighters and have sustained head trauma," Trainor said. "OK. I can't prove that's the case or not; however, if that is the case, why should we grant them an exemption to take testosterone and get hit in the head more?"

Added NSAC board member Bill Brady: "Granting TUEs for TRT in the past has caused me great burden because there's always a person there fighting on the other side who isn't asking for anything -- who is going to be tested and be clean. I think we have an obligation to the fighter who doesn't want an exemption to make sure they're getting an honest and fair fight."

The decision comes two months before UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort is scheduled to face Chris Weidman for the title at UFC 173 on May 24 in Las Vegas. Belfort, 36, was approved to use TRT in his past three fights, all of which took place in Brazil.

He was expected to file an application to the NSAC for a therapeutic use exemption.

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