Players react to All-Star reserves

LaMarcus Aldridge, Dwight Howard, John Wall

The NBA's All-Star reserves were announced Thursday night. For the West, LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard, Chris Paul, Tony Parker, James Harden, Dwight Howard and Dirk Nowitzki will be backing up the previously announced starters. The East will be sending Chris Bosh, DeMar DeRozan, Roy Hibbert, Joe Johnson, Paul Millsap, Joakim Noah and John Wall to New Orleans. NBA players took to Twitter with their reactions on those selected and those snubbed.

Wow... Thankful

— Damian Lillard (@Dame_Lillard) January 31, 2014

What a great honor to go back to the All Star Game ! Thank you everybody, my teamates... Go Spurs Go !!!!

— Tony Parker (@tonyparker) January 31, 2014

Thanks to the coaches and everyone who voted for me! I am truly blessed! This is a dream come true !! #Wallstar2014

— John Wall (@John_Wall) January 31, 2014

Happy to be going to my 3rd Allstar game. Also congratulations to my lil bro Dame on making his first Allstar game. Much deserved.

— Lamarcus Aldridge (@aldridge_12) January 31, 2014

I am very honored... Thank you coaches!

— Paul Millsap (@Paulmillsap4) January 31, 2014

THANK YOU! #NBAAllStarReserves

— Chris Bosh (@chrisbosh) January 31, 2014

Honored and humbled to be named an All-Star for the 8th time. Thank you to coaches and fans that voted for me!

— Dwight Howard (@DwightHoward) January 31, 2014

Congrats to my teammates @aldridge_12 and for his 3rd selection and @Dame_Lillard for his 1st. Well deserve! #ripcityallstars

— Nicolas Batum (@nicolas88batum) January 31, 2014

And congrats to my French brothers @tonyparker and @JoakimNoah for being all stars again! ????

— Nicolas Batum (@nicolas88batum) January 31, 2014

Shout Out To @stickity13 For Making His 2nd Straight All-Star Game!!! #bestcenterintheest #bulls #cliq #holdat

— Carlos Boozer (@MisterCBooz) January 31, 2014

Congrats to my teammates and homies @aldridge_12 on yet another All-Star game and @Dame_Lillard for his first.

— CJ McCollum (@CJMcCollum) January 31, 2014

Congrats to my teammate @paulmillsap_24 "Trillsap" for making the all star team. ?I was hype lol my fault

— Mike Scott (@mikescott) January 31, 2014

Congrats @Paulmillsap4 on the all star

— Derrick Favors (@dfavors14) January 31, 2014

@Klow7 should've made it...

— Aaron Brooks (@Thirty2zero) January 31, 2014

Think TOR coulda got two guys in being 3rd in the east. KL been KILLIN in 2014

— Kendall Marshall (@KButter5) January 31, 2014

Shocked @Klow7 wasn't named an all-star as well... #Robbed

— Landry Fields (@landryfields) January 31, 2014

Comparing Kyle Lowry & Joe Johnson.. Kyle numbers are better & he's on a winning team. So how is he not the obvious choice? #Raptors

— Patrick Patterson (@pdpatt) January 31, 2014
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