Preseason of frustration, domination

A: It's hard to say there is a benefit with a fight, because it puts players at risk of injury. Fights happen. You have players competing for jobs in hot weather. Tempers will explode. That has been the norm for decades. I have snickered at some of the comments about fights. The only difference now from years ago is social media. Within minutes of a fight, you can get details or video. Before, you'd have to wait for the nightly local news or the next day's newspaper.

Q: With all the controversy over Ray Rice's two-game suspension, why does Greg Hardy get a pass after being convicted of domestic violence? That is, why hasn't the league or the team acted yet? At this point, shouldn't he be considered guilty until proven otherwise? I've read they are letting the process play out, but this feels like it's more about keeping a star player on the field.

From Lawrence in New York

A: Hardy appealed his conviction, and the case might go into next year. That's why there hasn't been a ruling by the commissioner's office. I'm sure you saw the stories this week that the NFL hopes to have a stronger domestic violence policy as early as next month. If the NFL has its way, a first-time offender would get four to six weeks and a second-time offender would get a year. Hardy would qualify for a suspension of four to six weeks if that goes through and he loses his appeal.

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