Pro-style QBs come back in focus

Cold Coach = Victory: How to apply TMQ's immutable law of Cold Coach = Victory if the game ends in a tie? At Green Bay, kickoff temperature 19 degrees, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier wore a heavy parka and balaclava, while the Packers' Mike McCarthy sported a sweatshirt and baseball cap. More important, the Packers Bikini Girls were out in force, shirtless with bikini triangle tops despite the cold. That alone should have pleased the football gods. Perhaps the fact that Green Bay was playing its fourth-string quarterback had something to do with the mixed outcome.

I See…Wait, It's Becoming Clearer…I'm In A Sort of Green Room… A Heavenly Booker Says Oprah Will Let Me On Her Show… Yes, That's What Happens After Death: Celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne failed to foresee her own death last week. How long until her company charges marks to "speak" to Browne from the beyond?

Struggling Washington offense impacts regional economy:

Last Week's Jacksonville Item: My item on the city of Jacksonville giving a $43 million gift to the Jaguars for stadium upgrades, while billionaire Jags owner Shad Khan ponies up only $20 million, originally contained a link to school funding cuts in Jacksonville, Ill. This error made me look like a complete idiot. The link rapidly was replaced with the correct one, to school funding cuts in Jacksonville, Fla. The item also said the source of the $43 million was a "new" hotel tax. The hotel tax is not new, so I took out the word "new," leaving the rest as is because none of the underlying points changed.

Last Week's Boston Mob Item: TMQ noted that mobster Whitey Bulger was sentenced to two life terms, plus five years. Reader Jonathan Levin of Glastonbury, Conn., writes, "Ariel Castro, the Cleveland kidnapper, was sentenced to life plus 1,000 years. He was in prison for about a month before killing himself, so he served 1/12,001 of his sentence. For Bulger to serve as much of his sentence as Castro, Bulger would have had to die about three hours after being imprisoned."

Last Week's Missing Item: Annually, when the final NFL undefeated team is knocked off, I reproduce, from my AutoText, an item praising the 1972 Miami Dolphins. I've said I expect my heirs to be using that item, because there will never be another NFL perfect team. Many readers, including Russ Arnold of Minneapolis, Minn., noted that last week, I forgot to run the item in recognition of Kansas City being defeated. I've made a note to myself for 2014.

More Proof of the Decline of Western Civilization: This year the Christmas classic "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" airs on CBS on Nov. 26. A Christmas special airs before Thanksgiving!

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