Pro-style QBs come back in focus

As for Washington, the club under Griffin has seen streaks of 3-6, then 7-0, now 3-9. That's not encouraging. Football is a team game. Not only did the RG III trade denude Washington of draft selections for talent and depth, the 21 coaches aren't performing well either. Shanahan is highly hyped and very highly paid. During the years Shanahan had John Elway in his prime, Shanahan was 54-18. In all other years, Shanahan is 124-121. With each successive season, there seems more evidence Shanahan was just the guy who was standing there when Elway realized his potential, and otherwise is a mediocre coach.

In Thanksgiving news, enjoy your turkey! Say a prayer for the Detroit Lions, who have posted nine consecutive home losses on Thanksgiving Day. If the Lions make it 10 straight with the Packers playing a third-string quarterback, look out.

In other NFL news, five years ago New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick completely outsmarted then-Buffalo Bills coach Dick Jauron in a late-season game played in cold, strong wind: Belichick made kickoff decisions based on getting in the wind in the fourth quarter, and tailored his team's tactics depending on wind direction. Sunday, Denver faced New England in cold, strong wind, and Belichick completely outsmarted Denver Broncos' backup coach Jack del Rio in wind management. Winning the coin flip in overtime, Belichick took the wind. That's not all he did to outsmart Denver. See more below.

In another overtime game, with one second remaining in the fifth quarter, the Minnesota Vikings fair-caught a Green Bay Packers punt. The ball was on the Vikings' 34 -- try a fair-catch kick! Sure it's a 76-yard field goal, which would be the longest ever. But Blair Walsh has a strong leg, and there's no rush on a fair-catch kick. Many placekickers launch kicks that would be good from around 70 in warmups, with no rush. Needless to say, the pass Minnesota attempted did not work, and the game ended in a yawn-inducing tie. The NFL is supposed to be entertainment. Fans were deprived the pleasure of beholding a very long fair-catch kick on the final play of an overtime. It might be decades until an NFL team is in this position again.

In other sports news, what if your team scored 73 points and lost? I'm not talking about your basketball team, I'm talking about your football team. See below.

Stats of the Week No. 1: The Carolina Panthers are on a 12-3 streak.

Stats of the Week No. 2: In his past two games, Tavon Austin has touchdowns of 98, 81, 65 and 57 yards.

Stats of the Week No. 3: Tony Romo and Joe Flacco are a combined 42-12 in the month of November.

Stats of the Week No. 4: Ryan Tannehill has been sacked 44 times.

Stats of the Week No. 5: Drew Brees is on a streak of 14 touchdown passes versus one interception.

Stats of the Week #6: Ohio native Ben Roethlisberger is 16-1 versus the Cleveland Browns.

Stats of the Week No. 7: The Houston Texans have followed a 13-4 streak with a 2-10 streak.

Stats of the Week No. 8: The St. Louis Rams have defeated its past two opponents by a combined 80-29.

Stats of the Week No. 9: The Kansas City Chiefs, who a month ago led the league in sacks by/against ratio, are on a minus-12 streak for sacks by/against.

Stats of the Week No. 10: Tom Brady is 24-5 when the kickoff temperature is freezing or below; Peyton Manning is 2-6 in those conditions.

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