Pro-style QBs come back in focus

Best Purist Drive: Taking possession with the game tied, 4:45 remaining and Jersey/A holding all its timeouts, the Dallas Cowboys staged a 14-play, 69-yard drive that drained the clock, burned the opposition's timeouts and resulted in the winning field goal as time expired. During the drive, Tony Romo looked like a skilled, poised quarterback. The football gods promise an investigation.

The Football Gods Chortled: Game tied on the final snap of regulation, Boston College missed its field goal attempt. But Maryland coach Randy Edsall signaled an icing timeout one second before the snap. You have already guessed that granted a second try, the Boston College kicker won the contest.

Buck-Buck-Brawkkkkkk: TMQ contends that coaches don't go for it on fourth down, or in other pressure situations, because they want the players to take blame for a loss. Never was this better on display than in the Navy at San Jose State pairing. During the second overtime, Navy scored and kicked a PAT, then San Jose State scored a touchdown. That meant Spartans coach Ron Caragher faced this choice: kick a PAT for a third overtime, or go for two to win. That's two yards to win a game, on a day when San Jose State averaged 6.3 yards per offense snap. Caragher sent in the kicking unit. Navy prevailed in the third overtime.

Afterward he said, "I felt more comfortable kicking and letting the players play to win the game and not making a coaching decision that could've backfired." Blame the players, don't blame me!

Let's Take the Limo to the Private Jet to the Climate Conference to Complain About Fossil Fuel Use: The latest global conference on climate change just ended in Warsaw, with no agreement except that thousands of officials will expend fossil fuels again for the next meeting. "Delegates agree to the broad outlines of a proposed system for pledging emissions cuts" -- the New York Times final dispatch. The broad outlines of a proposed system of nonbinding pledges! Every global greenhouse gas conference since the original Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 has come to no conclusion stronger than that delegates will keep meeting. As Churchill said, better to jaw, jaw than war, war. But a subculture has developed of climate delegates who have important-sounding jobs and jet around the world accomplishing little other than sustaining their important-sounding jobs, while causing greenhouse emissions.

The scientific consensus on artificial global warming is now strong. Probably climate change is not causing hurricanes (this year's season was quiet), typhoons or tornados. But slow-moving sea-level rise, and threats to agriculture, seem disturbingly real.

There's no political consensus at all. Even Japan, home of the Kyoto Protocol, recently said it would ignore the treaty's deadlines, as nearly every nation is doing.

The good news is that economic trends (energy efficiency, discoveries of natural gas) have caused the rate of greenhouse gas emission to decline worldwide. The bad news is, emissions continue to accumulate. The good news is the current very mild solar cycle probably means solar energy reaching the Earth is trending down somewhat, which buys humanity time to deal with global warming. The bad news is that even if artificial greenhouse gas emissions stopped entirely, heat buildup in the atmosphere would continue for decades.

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