Rewind: Super Bowl Twitter megachat

@Calum_1: Troy! Who do you think will have the most receiving yards in the Super Bowl this Sunday?
Troy Brown: A lot of good WRs in this game. I love Decker. Good hands, good route runner, strong.

@tyrecevinercox: Richard Sherman best DB in last 6 years?
Troy Brown: He's a darn good player, but the best? Hmmmmm! We'll find out on Sunday for sure.

Troy Brown: I like the Broncos 23-16.

@rickyhawktiger: Do you think the weather (if windy) hurts Denver and Manning?
Plaxico Burress: It affects Denver more than it affects Seattle.

Plaxico Burress My Super Bowl prediction: Seattle 28 - Denver 25. Marshawn Lynch, MVP.

@ChrisTownsend42: What team do you want to win?
Zach Ertz: I'm not rooting for a team, just want to see my Stanford guys on the 'Hawks do well.

@YouCallMeRock: Who do you want to win the Super Bowl and who do you think will win?
Zach Ertz: I think if the weather is a factor in the game then that favors the Seahawks.

@Brophy_d: Which member of the LOB would you least like to go over the middle on?
Steve Weatherford: Earl Thomas brings the wood. It's gonna be a great game Super Bowl Sunday.

@McDee009: Why no talk of Denver offense being broken? They say that about Seattle. Seattle has played tougher teams.
Steve Weatherford: Denver's stats in regular season are unreal: 55 TDs, 5,400 yards passing? Sick! Seattle's D great too!

@WilliamTStory: Who do you believe is the better player in the secondary Richard Sherman or Earl Thomas?
Bill Polian: The most important player is Earl Thomas because he has the tougher job.

@LNcrownover: How do you think the Seattle D measures up to other SB team defenses like the Ravens?
Bill Polian: Nothing would ever match the 2000 Ravens since that was constructed pre-salary cap.

@kmysinger: Do you have any feel for whether Peyton will approach this SB differently than previous ones?
Bill Polian: He will approach it exactly as he does every game. His prep doesn't change.

@TylerWamGram12: Do you think Denver's defense has enough to contain Lynch?
Bill Polian: Yes I think so. It's the key to victory for the Broncos.

@RoweShowBoxing: Do you think this game comes down to experience? If so, who wins?
Bill Polian: This game comes down to turnovers and the running game for both teams.

@TJKretz02: Best one-on-one match-up in the Super Bowl?
Bill Polian: Julius Thomas vs. Richard Sherman. Yes, I think that's how they'll match-up.

@TheRealMaveo: Who's an impact player in the Superbowl that isn't getting any credit or recognition?
Torry Holt: I've liked Bobby Wagner since I saw him at the Senior Bowl.

@rickyhawktiger: I don't think the Seahawks have any players with SB experience. Is that a big deal or over blown?
Torry Holt: Can be over blown. Experience helps, but the Seahawks have guys with playing experience.

@fermDeezzyy: Who has the edge in the snow: the Seahawk DBs or the crossing and rub routes of Denver?
Louis Riddick: Offense always has the edge if/when the field conditions are less than ideal.

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