Round 1 Masters grades

Phil Mickelson    World Ranking: No. 5 | Score: 76

No, F! Wait, B! OK, D-plus. ... Hang on, C. I don't feel so good. "For those of you choosing to ride the Phil-Ta-Whirl, please secure your loose items. Keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. There will be motion-sickness bags available when the ride comes to a stop." Here's the thing: If I grade him just on his performance today, he'd get a D-minus. But I feel like I should grade him on a curve because he came in unprepared due to injury. Even using that curve, I still could give him only a C-minus. Instead, I'm giving him an "I" for incomplete. Tomorrow will be a make-up quiz. No excuses Lefty, and I better not see any more 7s on your scorecard or you're going into timeout!

Sergio Garcia    World Ranking: No. 6 | Score: 74

I know, he got a better grade than Stenson and had a worse score. That's because even though he scored worse, he hit fewer greens yet had one fewer putt. During an up-and-down round with four birdies and six bogeys, it wasn't his putter that let him down. When Sergio hits eight of 14 fairways and only 10 of 18 greens, even his putter can't bail him out.

Patrick Reed    World Ranking: No. 23 | Score: 73

Harsh grade for a guy who's only 1 over, but not for someone with aspirations to be a top-five player in the world. Bogeys on the last three holes are not what champions do. Fifty percent of fairways at Augusta is like a pro bowler throwing three gutter balls in 10 frames. I guess that whole "gonna treat this just like any other tournament" theory is flushed. I believe he's a top player, but he's not showing me that I should believe in him.

Jordan Spieth    World Ranking: No. 13 | Score: 71

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