Rules chairman: We need solid proof

The NCAA did not designate this as an offseason where rules changes could be made, with the exception being any that relate to player safety. Malzahn said he encouraged the committee chairman to table discussion over the rule until next offseason rather than make a possibly premature decision in two weeks.

"What I asked [Calhoun] to do was move this to next year, where it is a rule-change year, that we can hear both sides and have a healthy debate on moving forward with the rule."

Calhoun said the committee discussed several options, such as adding an extra timeout, that might help prevent player injuries by making it easier for defenses to substitute. He said a trainer from the U.S. Military Academy also addressed the committee regarding a variety of medical issues.

The heated reaction to the rule proposal convinced Calhoun that it would be advisable to have more widespread involvement with his committee, which includes six coaches and six administrators who represent all levels of NCAA football.

"I think what you learn, especially after going through this, is I think you need to have more and more coaches involved in terms of possibilities," Calhoun said. "Probably the other thing too is just, if it really is a safety matter, to have more medical people present too."

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