The selection committee never sleeps

"I really thought it would be a good way to debunk some of the black-box, conspiracy-theory stuff," said Zaninovich, while giving credit to the NCAA's Nate Flannery as the originator of the hashtag.

"It's about, 'Here's how we do it. We have nothing to hide.' We watch games, we evaluate games. Even inside the room, we will be tweeting stuff out. Nothing specific. With the College Football Playoff committee coming, it's going to be important for us to do even more. We're going to be compared to them. And one is governed by the NCAA and one isn't."

What about the rise of "bracketology," the most prominent and unifying public aspect of college basketball during the regular season? Zaninovich said he pays attention to it and respects it, but it doesn't play much of a role in his own thinking. That said, he appreciates it being a meeting place for obsessive fans during the regular season.

It's all about what's good for the game.

Still, when he walks out of the Orleans arena at 11:30 p.m., after a nearly 15-hour day, knowing the hours are only going to get longer and more intense the next week, it's a wonder why anyone would want to be on the committee.

Sure, he gets a $75 per diem while on committee business, but it's a demanding, highly scrutinized volunteer job that takes him away from his primary professional responsibility and his family.

"When I start feeling sorry for myself, I remind myself that some people have to mine coal for a living," he said.

So what did he do after Saturday's WCC games? He went out to grab a quick bite to eat and watched more college basketball on a late-night highlight show.

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