Sessions: John Wall, all grown up

Wall: I got two. First, I got Drew Gooden, who is my teammate, he told me when I first got into the League when I was playing preseason (and the Wizards were losing), he said, "I already know what you are dealing with and what's going on over here. Don't let [losing mentality] trigger into your mind, don't let this start being you. Don't take on what they are doing become you. Always be a leader and don't be a follower to what they are doing. Always stick to what you are doing and play the right way." And then just talking to LeBron and D-Wade a lot throughout my first couple of years. Them just telling me, "We know how hard you are working, and we know it's tough times. Just stick with it." That's always been something I look at. And KD [ Kevin Durant], also. He started off not winning games, and all of a sudden they start winning and winning and being in the playoffs. They've always told me to stick with what I do and don't ever buy into losing. And to always lead and get better every year.

Scoop: I keep hearing stories about how players are going to LeBron on some "big brother"-type advice tip.

Wall: Well, I've been knowing him since 10th grade, so he's been like a bigger brother to me for a minute. But KD has really helped me out a lot. I worked out a lot with him this past summer and just being around him. He's one of those people that respects me and appreciates what I'm doing especially doing it in the city he's from [Washington, D.C.]. That's what he always tells me.

Scoop: What's the flip side of that? What's the best advice you can give a young dude, a young player coming into the League who steps to you looking for that same type of guidance?

Wall: To stay professional. This is a business, and anything can happen in any situation. Like I tell my young guys now, "Stay professional. If you get sent to the D-League or anything like that or if you got people trying you, you gotta stay level-headed. And realize that everything you do is being watched and it's not just that one coaching staff looking at you, it's all of the other 29 teams. So always stay professional in what you do and trust that other guys are watching you."

Scoop: Your name always comes up in the conversation about the best point guards in the League when the fellas and I have that conversation. But that's like the only time. To us, we feel you still are not getting the credit that you deserve. Most of us feel that you never will. I know this is a loaded question but -- straight up -- do you think you will ever get the credit you deserve? Ever?

Wall: I like these types of questions because I, I mean, I know what I [am] capable of. Like I said, "Good things come to the people that wait, and God has a plan for everything." I mean, you got guys that are younger that came in and excelled right away in the League because they had the opportunity to get a lot of freedom. When I came in, I didn't have the freedom right away and I had to deal with injuries. Last year kinda let me know that I won't get as much pub as I thought I would because when I was injured they didn't say anything about me. All of the other young guys were going to be "the next."

Scoop: Exactly! Like you were just ghost!

Wall: Nothing about me. And I didn't go ask anyone why. I really don't care, that's their opinion. Their decision. I use it as more motivation. But I don't think I'll ever get it. I think, though, if I win playoff games, like I said, the only way I'll get recognized as one of the best point guards is if I win games, playoff games. Other guys can go average 30 [PPG], and they'll never make the playoffs, but they'll talk about them way more. I say, "Well, if that's how it's gonna be, then let it be that way." I'd rather win and hopefully get me a championship, and then they'll put me in there.

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